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Mescon are experts in assisting companies to maximise their manufacturing efficiency and profitability through the utilisation of MES and other planning and control systems. Mescon can design and implement a fully tailored solution to meet current and future needs for our clients.

At Mescon we are passionate about implementing processes that enable the business decision makers to be more in touch with what is happening on the plant floor. This occurs at three levels:

  1. Our experienced PLC engineers work with the customer to operate the plant exactly as the customer requires. PLCs are purpose-built computers that monitor sensors and activate devices.
  2. SCADA provides operators with a window into the process, a visual format displaying current state of the plant, short term history and alarms.
  3. Implementation of MES results in significant opportunities for process improvement and cost savings.
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The IIoT is great and dangerous

Most of us have heard of the Internet of things. The IoT is the concept of connecting devices and having them talk over the internet. The dream of your fridge knowing what you have in it, and ordering for itself could be

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